Handmade furniture

from siberian masiv

Šipka dolů


Handmade stylish furniture from siberian masiv

Provencal, Norwegian, Canadian

Each product is original

Burning wood, Lichtenberg Method, by using 2000-5000V

Epoxy and Masiv combination

All handmade from raw solid wood

We shipp worldwide

Wish and imagination is challenge and motivation



Mr. Petr, Mlada Boleslav CZ

The barstools arrived today, they are great, thank you very much.

Mrs. Zuzka, Ostrava CZ

Your bar stools are great. I would like to order another 4 more for our restaurant.

Mr. Vaclav, Baska CZ

Thank you very much for the wonderful approach. Your chairs made my mom very happy. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you.

Mr. Ing. Vladimir, Prague CZ

Amazing work. Thank you very much, it's beautiful. I will definitely get back to you.

Mr. Frederick, Zurich Switzerland

Thanks a lot.The combo of Elm and sparkly blue epoxy you made are truly wonderful. Our family love that table. Many thanks.

Mr. Svein Roar, Stavanger, Norway

Thanks Ray. The table you made is fantastic. We are also considering epoxy chairs, also made of pine masive in green epoxy, 4 pieces what do you think? Thanks a lot.




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